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August 2013  NEWS...


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The Giza Foundation:                                For Animal Welfare + Ancient Origins & Higher Awareness                     Richard Gabriel & Judith Ann




      Our new book charts the whole journey which led us to the Animals and Secrets of the

      Giza Plateau. From the moment we arrived there 13 years and multiple visits ago, we

      found ourselves thrown into conflict as we intervened in situations of animal abuse and



     As deeply as our archaeological explorations took us; just as deeply we were drawn into

     issues of animal welfare. A couple of years ago a charity offer came to us of $10,000

     from a USA corporation. We were just two simple individuals! The offer was genuine

     but from our descriptions the donor had expected us to be a registered company. It

     broke our hearts to think what good we would have done with the money, when we

     found we were unable to receive it.


     This could never be allowed to happen again, and therefore The Giza Foundation was

     incorporated. Our extraordinary journey in the book will hopefully serve to help the

     process. All proceeds from it will come back into the work of the Foundation.

     We hope you will lend a hand.




For All the Animals of Egypt


Unbelievably these animals were being saddled and tourists were riding them; oblivious to the raw meat under their saddles

We intervened and at least these abused horses had a happy ending. The full story is covered in the files below.




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                                                                                 *The Heretage



                                                                                 *The Personal Stories - x 10 subfolders    (some content may cause distress)


                                                                                                                           NEW - 11.11.11 The story of the lucky Kitty!    


                                                                                 *The Assessment



                                                                                 * The Action Plan



* Latest News and Developments





Cairo & Egypt .......Don't you know what is happening on your own doorstep?


11.11.11. and a Devastating New Report    LINK





28.04.12. Barbaric Practices. A new Evidence Video       LINK




A 2012 Christmas Gift to the World   From Egypt


The Shame of Cairo   HERE






For Egypt's Ancient Past





                                                                A second objective         *  The Overview 


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For Higher Understanding


                                                                 A third objective             *The Overview



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The Foundation Appeal



UK. TV Ch.4 - Unreported World, series have just aired a blistering half-hour documentary on the
situation with Tomb robbers and dying animals around the Giza Plateau, Cairo.
When this documentary shows the latest animal situation it is very harrowing.
But it is reality, and a must-see for anyone who is slightly interested in what is happening there.
Below, the main TV site is listed ....followed by the URL directly for you to view the documentary.
Well done UK. TV Ch.4 for exposing this horror.




                              These dogs were some of the thousands,                                          This horse was in active service for tourists,

                               still killed with Strychnine-laced meat                                                      its wound concealed under a blanket 




Please help us to stop this happening in Cairo Now

           We can only do it with Your Donations of Aid   -   see lower down the page.




Each time we visit Giza we gasp at the scale of the task. So much animal suffering, yet so many good souls from across the world who have visited Cairo and Giza just as we have done and have been driven sick by what they saw. People return home wishing for a way they could have done something to help! This appeal and our work will give you that chance.


We know of some wonderful visitors who became deeply involved locally and we will be working with many of them.

These are the almost anonymous souls who have set up sanctuaries for dogs and horses and other animals in several  places in Egypt ...or are helping local people directly to feed and tend the animal victims of such abuse.


We will do as they do but we want to do much more. We are researching to produce a reportable presentation on the true state of animal affairs throughout Giza. We will report to you and to the highest responsible levels in Cairo with an action plan to educate, motivate, organise, incentivise and transform current attitudes to animals. At the same time we will support direct action to feed and look after more of the abused and sick animals we discover.


Enough really is enough ! ...and now we need Your help.  We can be your full time agents for this noble cause if you will support us. Right now it is an almost abandoned cause, and that is not fair or just ! For over a decade we have pursued our calling to this work and to the exploration of our Ancient past ..funded completely from our own meagre pockets. We  have no other option now but to come to you directly and appeal on a very personal level. Please dig as deep as you can.

We will not let you down. We will not let the Cause down, and we will continue to be tireless in the task - reporting all to you through these two websites. In future we would seek to organise others to join with us in Cairo to be an even more

direct part of it all.


For now if the pages of this site touches your heart somewhere, please become part of the energy of help by using the button to donate whatever you can manage.        On behalf of all the animal life of Cairo we can then only say - Thank You






We sometimes mistake for cruelty - the way of Creatures.


Such is their instinct - to catch to eat to survive.


It is savage but it is their reason.


It is Instinct - with no choice offered - and no excuse necessary.


With Our Choice - With Our Cruelty - What Excuse Have We ?


There is one way we shall we begin to restore balance, with your compassion and help







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We sometimes mistake for cruelty - the way of Creatures.

Such is their instinct, to catch to eat to survive.

It is savage but it is their reason.

It is Instinct, with no choice offered

And no excuse necessary.


With Our Choice

With Our Cruelty

What Excuse Have We ?


What shall we begin to do, to restore balance ?

Here is one way