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The Personal Creature Stories



Donkey close encounters of the 3rd Kind !





The Animal Life of Egypt

Some of our Personal Stories and Encounters








                                               (01)  The Flooded Donkey and dogs


                                               (02)  The Mysterious Puppy Gift on the Plateau


                                               (03)  Beetles, Bugs, Lizards, Arachnids, Snakes and Scorpions


                                               (04)  Of Lions, Jackals, Turkeys and Hawks in the Desert


                                               (05)  A Fox for Breakfast in the Desert


                                       (06)  Dog Packs on the Plateau


                                       (07) Goats, Chickens,Ducks & Geese on Death Row


                                       (08) Poor Cow


                                       (09) Cats and Weasel at Mo's place


                                       (10) Raw Meat, Spare Ribs and Saddles



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