The Giza Foundation 

Plan of Action and Appeal


The Giza Foundation 


                                                         Plan of Action and Appeal



           These are the main items on our shopping list...


              To raise funds to purchase food and help alleviate the current starvation of horses donkeys and camels

              To raise funds and assist with the provision of free vetinary medication and care for needy animals

              To continue to build & liaise with existing organisations like the Societies of Animal Friends & Mercy for Animals

              To study the disposition and condition of ferral dogs and cats on and around the Plateau &  problems arising

              To establish a training and educative scheme for animal owners and users, and a best practice guide

              To develop a coordinated control registry which will draw all assisting parties together including the authorities.

              To establish a local educative office open to animal owners, users and tourists.

              To liaise in a media awareness campaign which will invite particpation from all and any concerned.

              To liaise back with you and the world, to keep you informed of all developments, stories and achievements



We really 'have' been funding this work from our own pocket for over a decade. It has meant cutting everything in our lives down to wants or needs... and discounting wants every time. However the animal problems have escalated in Egypt to crisis level and we need your help now to make any kind of serious difference.


We appeal to you therefore, in as small a way or as large a way as possible.... please donate to us and know that the trust

                        you place in us will be seen to be done - and done right for the lives of our animal friends there. 


Thank you ...  Richard and Judith for The Giza Foundation



Please Help our Appeal







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