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The Animal Life of Egypt

Some of our Personal Stories and Encounters





We encountered animals unexpectedly so often in Egypt that it just became a normal occurance. As we took a deeper interest in their behaviour we observed how invisible they became to most everyone else. They were part of the background or just a commodity to their owners, or were just a prop to tourists.


As we look back over the years we curse now how we failed to take photographic evidence of many other animal opportunities in the Desert or in small desert villages, in Cairo, on the Plateau or in the village of Nazlet el-Samaan etc.


As the pages will show, we still captured plenty to tell a story of ignorance, neglect and cruelty to these amazing creatures.


We were drawn inexorably to greater involvement with the welfare of the animals. We intervened personally on a number of occasions to try and alleviate the obvious suffering we saw. It was only a matter of time and worsening conditions for animals in Egypt generally that we would launch ourselves into helping in a much more meaningful way.


From now forward we will gather every animal anecdote and story we come across. Along with photos every time, we will bring the stories to you. Hopefully apart from documenting the horrors of the bad side, we will be able to show the inspiration also to be found in their company.


Please take time to peruse the stories, and we ask please.....

If you too have visited Egypt and/or Cairo and the Plateau; and if you have captured a picture and an animal story of your own then please send it to us at our E Mail address. We wish to open a section for supporters to show with full credit, your own pictures and stories. There must be loads of amazing stories out there. Please use the space we will provide for you to share with others. Maybe you too will help touch the heart of those who can help our cause and save just a few more animals from a very miserable future... Thank you.







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