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 Goats, Chickens, Ducks and Geese on Death Row

I want to let you all into a little secret. Goats are not so dumb.... They sure as hell know when they are about to have their throat cut !

All the goats you see here went through the process. Problem was that a good few of them were coralled on the roofs underneath our apartment windows. We took to the goats immediately and eased our initial concerns for there being no food by providing it ourselves. They were a couple of levels lower and would look up expectantly. However when their numbers began to decline rapidly we took a keener interest. We learned about the irregular goat screams when Judith looked out one day just as one of the goats was having its throat cut on the roof right in front of the others. That's life as it is in Cairo maybe... But I can tell you when we spoke with our host and landlord, he told us his tenants should not be doing it at all. He did a roundup of all of them and stopped the home butchery shop they had started.



There were cats and a couple of sheep, along with Ducks and Chickens to keep them company. On the ground level we could see where a few food scraps were thrown out daily, but to be honest, the rats seemed to be quickest to go for any food that appeared.



We often saw Goats or Sheep... or even Ducks, Chickens or Geese on the surrounding rooftops waiting their turn for the chop.

We were told it does no good to make friends with your food !!!



And the last two examples above... maybe they will all be going to a good home


Or maybe we should stick with reality !!!




Compare again to the first picture at the top of this file 



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