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Our pathway through life determines our conditioning. Our life choices and experiences help determine our non-transferable convictions.

If our pathway is profound and leads us to profound understandings, it is surely worthy of inspection by others!


So it was for myself and for Judith. Our years until adulthood were spent coming to terms with these profound understandings on the nature of things, fed by a constant stream of supernormal events and amazing synchronicities.

In adulthood, from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean we came together as we surely arranged in a former time - to then pursue our driven interest and our driven task in Egypt.


Our first encounters at Giza were to learn of the subterranean world through strange encounters and stranger meetings.


Our second phase took us as far as was possible at the time to explore and understand the interactive nature of the GP and especially the King's Chamber.


In the the third phase we stayed within the village at a place where coincidentally later! ....several local village men met with a terrible death below ground in an illegal excavation.


The fourth phase which is still current, concerns NC2... the Cave of the Birds / The entrance of Agathodaimon ...and back to the subterranean world.


None of these phases are exclusive, as there were adventures in other directions which are still active and await 'their' conclusion. All of the subject matter ties together and reaches back to a time of clearer understanding when we believe there were humanoid ancestors from the stars, living to their own higher technology, and who left their technology behind.

This is what drives the mystery and intrigue at Giza. This is the motivation behind the secret elite puppet-masters who are the motivating influence behind almost every strange happening there.


Currently we are sitting on a staggering amount of evidence for anomalous things concerning the Giza Plateau and our true ancient origions.

Our tally runs to over 40,000 pictures and currently 23 feature stories in stages of preparation to share with you. Our mundane circumstances have prevented us from the time needed to pursue these story threads and publish what we already have gathered. We hope you will help us with your donated support so we can be your eyes and ears and reporters of the truth behind and beneath the Giza Plateau.



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