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The Turning of the Wheel



          The wheel has definitively turned, year on year, so clearly for several years now.

          We head towards a potential zenith of human experience.

          Attentions are turned from around the world towards Egypt more and more. The conflicts, subterfuge and strife

          there seem to fit as an allegory for much of what is happening in the rest of the world. The politics churn with

          predictible religeous overtones - providing a violent diversion as ever from the plaintive question: Why anyway ?


          Evidence stacks on evidence of a sanitising operation at Giza to remove the audit trail below ground that may lead

          the world to a paradigm shift in belief..... but which really would only be a return to when everything was ordered from

          a common source.... a Law of One.  Back then, STS won because we were still descending. STS may be putting in a good

          show again this time; but this time there is a greater overiding cosmic factor which will sort the sheep from the wolves

          during our cosmic ascention.


          And how would we be able to determine this? 

          I speak in the first person singular... but I speak only for myself.. and my Twin Flame.

          I speak also for the suffering animals who were surely not born naturally to this cruel world to suffer as they do at our

          hands - and under the pious banners or wailing speakers of our religeous clubs !

          I speak with my own conviction under a blank banner which was tested - and it taught me the quality of righteousness

          because unlike all the others it proclaimed nothing.


          But the pathway here was rough - as it must be to carry the lesson of experience. The reward is sublime even in the

          face of those who seek the shadows in others as they ignore the darkness in themselves. And the route brought

          meetings with friendly strangers who placed us with the evidence. It brought us to events which defied by all normal

          logic and expectation the outcome which opened portals into an ancient time for us. It brought us to the route trodden

          underground by those who seeded our DNA so long ago and wait for us to awaken to the fact again. It brought us serious

          danger and saved us from it again in validation. It pointed the clear way forward, always.


          And even before this time it was necessary to understand the mechanics of life and life beyond - in order to see beyond

          our third and deep into the fourth and fifth when necessary. The path was so designed that no doubt was there, to know

          the difference between Thoth's curves and angles.


           So here we are friends and all... Within this journey it will seem as so much chaos and jumble as it once did for us.

           But as the pull to another frequency increases, the comfort will only be felt in an awareness and a yielding to the

           order that will emerge to you also from the apparrent chaos. All you need is to give yourself the thinking time for

           understanding to filter through. It must become the first person singular for you too... and tested through your

           own experience.


           Fancy names in banner publishing lights are no more use than useless to the process...

           All those who pimp themselves from within their own perceptions will dissolve in their own right .

           If the seeker seeks, - the words or actions will appear to inspire a self awakening. We hope we may assist this process.


           Follow the links below to the book  Down To Earth (the way it is)..and the makings of the book  Echoes from the Chamber.

           These and others of our inspirations will hopefully perform a positive shift in others, and if so - it will be enough.


            Blessings be with you on your journey,  Richard and Judith




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