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11.11.11 and Kitty's Last Life



While at Giza through 11.11.11 we had returned from an expedition to photograph and inspect the progress of the Russian excavations and had returned via the Northerly (back) entrance to the plateau by the wall at the corner of the village.

This is where extensive work has taken place to remove many tons of spoil to uncover new tombs. The ongoing work included construction of the tourist barrier walls of stone you see in the first picture above.


Judith and Bruce had gone ahead through the entrance while I trailed taking last photographs. Standing at the entrance was the man who is directing the current work there. Something prompted me to speak to him and he responded well. I proceded to ask him as many questions about the work and the Russian dig as seemed comfortable, but eventually others were demanding his attention.


Just as the conversation was winding up he jumped and exclaimed, 'Look! there is the kitten.'

It took me a moment to spot it as it trotted in the sand along the line of the wall. I asked him what was its story. He told me the workmen had seen 3 kittens wandering about for a few days, obviously minus their mother cat. It had probably been killed. He told me the cold of the night had likely killed off 2 of the kittens and this one would die for sure. He was amazed it was still alive. He said they had put milk and a little food out for it but had not seen it for a couple of days.

I called Judith to show her and she immediately walked over and managed to pick it up.


Previously we had made good friends with the owners of the Khemitology shop next to Gouda's Guest House. This is a wonderful spiritual family and are the ones behind The School of Khemitology The shop holds carved stone and other quality unusual giftware, mostly created on the premises by family members. It also holds cats. lots of them, but they are all upstairs - rescued cats and their decendents.We had been on our way out of the site just a short distance away. The shop was as near on the other side of the entrance and we knew they would help.



Previously we met with boss cat who ran the place but she was as friendly as possible!


The story had a synchronicity up its sleeve because it had only been the day previously when Judith learned from home that one of her own rescue kittens less than a year old now, had run away. She was devastated; but here was another kitten she was going to rescue. We got past the usual guard/police reception at the gate, (with Judith hiding the kitten just in case someone tried to stop us,) and made our way to the shop where we were welcomed like lost friends ourselves.



Now here is the double twist:


The young daughter of the shopkeeper had been asking her father for a long time to please get her another kitten, and now we turned up with one! We made sure medications would be taken care of for all it would need and were delighted the kitten would still have a life or two remaining for any future scrapes. When we returned next day she had built a little home for it to stay and showered love on it like a little baby. We will look forward to seeing it again on our next visit.



Upon returning home, Judith spend days searching for her kitten (Lucky) as it had been spotted occasionally. Eventually she found him and managed to entice him past his fear into the house again. It took a little time for her to help him recover his condition and regain weight. Now Lucky is much more placid and has also reserved a life or two for future scrapes.

All is well that ends well :-)


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