A 2012 Christmas Gift to the World 

From Egypt




  The Giza Foundation 2012 Report...


Supplimentary gallery from our visit to the Al Sorat Farm of Maryanne Stroud


(  Link to Maryanne's site here :  Maryanne  )




With ESFA to conduct their first new animal clinic at the animal rescue Farm

Some of the gang: Maryanne, Judith, Richard, ESAF Vets


Some of the stable animals and the dogs


One problem of cruelty is where a metal chain halter is used extensively. This cuts deep into the muzzle of the animals.

A simple solution is a cloth sleeve costing almost nothing to make. Maryanne provides these at every opportunity, and

the effect on a horse, donkey or any other animal user is immediate. These need to be universally adopted and

we will campaign for it to happen.


We learned in the village from ESAF there were a number of men with no work who wanted to learn Farrier skills. But there was no one to train them. However at the farm and in the outer villages these skills could be taught. It is another easy opportunity waiting to be exploited for the good of all. There is also a great shortage of Farrier equipment. Egyptian tools are not of professional standard. Maryanne discovered the best and cheapest tools could be obtained in a deal from the USA and UK. Their carriage could be waived through trusted tourists travelling to Cairo. In due course we will seek to have tool packs delivered to tourists in their own country for them to bring with them to Cairo and be picked up for distribution to apprentice Farriers. We encountered so many hoofed animals half crippled because their hoofs had never been dressed throughout their working life. One shown below had a deep hidden abcess.It had to be exposed and treated before the application of an improvised walking pad.


More of the lucky ones after the healing process, and introducing some of the Vets -

with customers and their sick or injured animals.



Once again we appeal to you to help us provide the same service elsewhere

and especially for the forgotten animals of Nazlet el Samaan









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